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Film production

Anything for the Perfect Shot

We had a unique opportunity to shoot, "The Ledge" experience on the Willis Tower Skydeck in Chicago (formerly Sears Tower). For those who are unfamiliar with The Ledge, it's basically a glass and steel platform that protrudes out of the tower for a unique 103 story view of the city below.

Our mission was to shoot The Ledge from all sides including some reverse shots outside, a task not for the Acrophobic.

Josh's Commute to Work

This tribute to Michael Jackson is not so much a music video as it is a true-life documentary about Josh commuting to work.

When asked why he erupts in such a fury of dance when Michael Jackson hits he simply stated, "Sometimes putting your feet up in the air just isn't enough."

This is a real simple video we filmed and edited in under 24hrs.

Music - Dirty Diana/The King of Pop, Michael Jackson

3to1 Live on Vimeo

You can now catch 3to1 Studios on the video sharing service, Vimeo. We are slowly adding all of our work in their respective original HD & SD resolutions. Please mosey on over to vimeo and subscribe to, or share your thoughts on our work.

We've already been fortunate enough to get one of our projects featured on the Vimeo HD channel, The Max Brixton Chronicles: Box of Blood with a great response from the community. We hope to be sharing a lot more projects with everyone in the future.

No, We Don't Do Wedding Videography

As you may already know, 3to1 Studios covers a variety of different genres of film production. From PSA's to Music Videos to Documentaries. I cannot begin to count the number of times 3to1 has been asked if we film weddings, produce photo montages or the like there of. Our answer is always the same, no we don't, but we can refer to someone who does.

Enter, Xpress Video Productions.

Music Video for Looptopia

Well it's that time of the year again in Chicago. And sadly, 3to1 will not be hosting the traditional Looptopia party at our studio. Sorry! We have just been swamped with work between film production and web design. At least we have brought you some new projects to cheer you up!

Starting A Short Film Podcast

With the overall success of Project 3to1, our monthly short film Podcast, we've decided to share a recipe for a successful short film Podcast for your website.

Arts PSA Production Completed

Production for the Arts PSA went down smoothly and finished ahead of schedule, just like a good shoot should. 3to1 Studios would like to extend a special "thank you" to everyone who was involved in the project. We couldn't have done it without you!

Stay tuned to for updates and production stills, and subscribe to Project 3to1 to check out the premiere of Support The Arts And No One Gets Hurt in the coming months.

Actor Auditions for Arts PSA

3to1 Studios is holding open auditions on SATURDAY, AUGUST 12 for one of our upcoming Project 3to1 episodes. A 30 second PSA entitled: Support The Arts and No One Gets Hurt

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