Frequently Asked Questions - Web Design

Our specialty is creating people and robot friendly websites that are a breeze to navigate for users and simple to manage for the client.

We understand that internet users these days have a super short attention span and will exit your site the instant they can't find the answer as to why they are there.

That is why we adhear to our design standards below:

  • Keeping the layout clean and free of any progress bars, splash pages or other click wasting events
  • Following the 3-click rule by having any page on the site accessible within 3 clicks of the mouse
  • Creating valid XHTML/CSS websites that are semantically structured in accordance to the W3C standards of web coding
  • Keeping inline with Google's webmaster guidelines

Typically our projects start at $2,000 and up, all design and development work is billed hourly.

In its ultra basic form, its a piece of software that assists you in the creation and the organization of content. Think of it sort of like Microsoft Word for your Website, but more geared towards a database.

We use Drupal, an extremely scalable open-source Content Management System. Drupal is used by tons of small to large businesses/organizations including the United Nations, Warner Brothers, Discovery Channel, AOL, Sony, NATO. You can find out more information on Drupal on

While it is within our reach do so, we do not recommend it for many reasons, including but not limited to:

  • As avid internet users ourselves, 100% flash sites are more often than not, a burden to use. Contrary to popular belief we don't like spacey spins and zap sounds as we hover over primary navigational elements.
  • Search engines cannot read Flash websites which leads you to having to resort to search engine trickery and source code bloating to get keywords in for your site
  • Flash websites are extremely costly to develop update and maintain
  • At 3to1 we believe that your website should work for you, not the other way around.

Will my site be on the first page on Google?

The term SEO is an over used marketing buzzword that a lot of companies use claiming that they will perform some sort of ancient-mythological-unicorn magic to get your site to the top of the search results on Google.

The reality of the term is an acronym for, "Search Engine Optimization." This means that your site is in the cleanest possible state, technically speaking, for search engines to be able to read them. Several factors go into this and they are all listed on Google's webmaster guidelines. This includes, but not limited to having W3C compliant code, proper semantic structure, XML sitemaps, traditional sitemaps, reciprocated links with other relevant sites, keywords/keyphrases and most importantly, extremely well written and clear content.

Our view on SEO is that honesty is the best policy. If you have the content that someone is looking for on your site, search engines will know it. The 3to1 team will design your site so you have complete control over each technical aspect of the SEO all while helping and advising you every step of the way.

No, don't buy into the hype, see our blog post about SEO hype.