Frequently Asked Questions - Film Production

Yes, 3to1 Studios is a fully insured film production company by BDP&W Financial Group, Chicago.

It depends on a variety of different factors. Nowadays most feature length films cost in the millions. It all comes down to locations, equipment, crew, cast, schedule, and food. Another costly but important part of making a movie is post production. Like editing, color correction, sound design, music score, and special effects. All these costs can add up quickly and good quality doesn't come cheap.

From Pre to Post-Production, we handle it all for you. We can even take your production a step further and build a website for promotion.

Yes we can. We have a unique and professional crew that work on all of our shoots and can be used for whatever your production requires.

Unfortunately that is not a service we offer as of right now, but we can definitely organize a production from conception to completion.

Of course having a great script is important but it's only a blueprint for the film making process. Things that sound great on paper don't always play out the same way on screen. That is why so many changes happen to these scripts while filming.