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Josh's Commute to Work

This tribute to Michael Jackson is not so much a music video as it is a true-life documentary about Josh commuting to work.

When asked why he erupts in such a fury of dance when Michael Jackson hits he simply stated, "Sometimes putting your feet up in the air just isn't enough."

This is a real simple video we filmed and edited in under 24hrs.

Music - Dirty Diana/The King of Pop, Michael Jackson

Featured on NPR's Video Pix and Vimeo

The video I did recently titled, "5x5 of things I do in a day" was featured as both an "NPR Video Pix" on NPR's blog and a "Vimeo Staff Pick" on Vimeo.

Check it out:

A 5x5 of things I do in a day

I thought a good idea for a blog might be just to give you a 25 second glimpse into some things that I might be doing on any given day of the week. So I decided to make what we call in the biz, a 5x5 vignette. Which is 5, 5-second clips of various scenes, with no added music. Sound interesting? Maybe?


Drupal Saves You Money

I came across an interesting article on Clients always ask us why they should convert their site to Drupal. Well here is one of many answers for that question. In the article, London Paper states that they will cut their operating costs dramatically using Drupal.