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Music Video for Looptopia

Well it's that time of the year again in Chicago. And sadly, 3to1 will not be hosting the traditional Looptopia party at our studio. Sorry! We have just been swamped with work between film production and web design. At least we have brought you some new projects to cheer you up!

In the event that you missed the announcement on the front page, and the newsletter (why aren't you subscribed?), we recently completed the music video for up and coming pop superstar from Chicago, Brentley and his hit single, "Southern Boi" from his debut album "Handwritten".

And in case you haven't seen our previous music video for "Pro Nails," (Kid Sister, featuring a guest appearance by Kanye West) Check that out too.

Also, it might be worth noting...

3to1 will be heading to an event tonight outside of Looptopia. Not that we have anything against it, but we have been really anxious to see one of our newest clients perform live, Chicago Dance Crash. We will have their shiny, new and redesigned website up soon so for the time being, checkout their myspace.

Have a great Looptopia!

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