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Anything for the Perfect Shot

We had a unique opportunity to shoot, "The Ledge" experience on the Willis Tower Skydeck in Chicago (formerly Sears Tower). For those who are unfamiliar with The Ledge, it's basically a glass and steel platform that protrudes out of the tower for a unique 103 story view of the city below.

Our mission was to shoot The Ledge from all sides including some reverse shots outside, a task not for the Acrophobic.

Willing to do anything for the perfect shot, our fearless Director of Photography, Kevin Moss and his First A.C., Hunter Whalen strapped into the towers window washing scaffold armed with the Red Camera One to capture some of the more breathtaking views of The Ledge itself.

This in itself provided most of our crew the opportunity to view the city of Chicago from the real Skydeck, the rooftop of the Willis Tower.

This video is a short chronicle of our experience.

Anything for the Perfect Shot from 3to1 Studios on Vimeo.

Shot on the Panasonic GH1 / 1080 / 24
All hand-held (sorry for the shakes -- it takes some steady nerves to dangle your SLR off the edge of 109 stories)
Music - Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid Main Title / Bob Dylan