Kenny Lentine

Kenny Lentine

Kenny was magnetized to the fine art of drawing from the first moment he held a pencil, and naturally developed a fascination with animated films as a result. His dreams of emulating the success of the masters saw liftoff when he enrolled in Northern Illinois University’s Time Arts program to study the disciplines of illustration and animation. With his bold style and creative storytelling abilities, Kenny creates beautiful films that excite and provoke. His first animated short, "A Fish Out Of Water," was met with great appreciation at the 2006 Illinois International Film Festival and was the subject of's January 2007 monthly feature on excellence in the field of 2D animation. Dedicated to quality and self-improvement, he has branched out to pursue greatness in the worlds of design and motion graphics just as he has in his filmmaking ventures. When not sitting at the drafting table or the computer keyboard, Kenny enjoys drumming, fine dining, and softball.






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Motion Graphics Designer