William Maxwell

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As a lad of somewhat refined distinction, oft times beset with a quandary of how to spend the fecundity of his talents into sectors of the most humane and profitable enterprises, he has found the entrepreneurial pursuits of our culture to be, as ignoble as it sounds, the most generously effusive in their metaphysical paeans. He asks that you forgive his expatiations; they are but the humble and forthright efforts of a hopeful dilettante raconteur's efforts. His primary contributions to this refulgent art of the screen primarily deal with the diagetics, which, although bereft of any nugatory stature, still suffer upon such nuance as to be penciled well into the sublime of the heart and mind. And that, his compatriots, of whom he have the dearest and most voluminous affinities for, is, as they say, the bread and butter of his trade.





Detroit, MI