Andrew Maxwell

A fire burns deep within his soul. Raised on or near the mean streets of old Detroit, Andrew has been an active filmmaker ever since the necessary resources were available to him. Where most artists use the creation of their art as a means of venting their impulses and finding cathartic solace, Andrew's mind behaves more like a blacksmith's kiln, rising to new blistering levels of intensity with the fresh coal of each creative undertaking, forging blades that are perpetually stronger; sharper; greater. An exacting eye for color and a lust for high adventure propel his explorations, both directorial and cinematographical, into the mysterious and shrouded corners of the human experience. His only comfort is in knowing he has taken his audience on an unforgettable journey into waters uncharted and lands unseen. Andrew is a man of passion.




Color Correction


Detroit, MI


Columbia College Chicago, 2005


Film Production, Cinematography